Good language

Episode 3 –

Daughter, age 7, to son, age 5:  “Stop talking like an eight-year-old.”

Episode 2 –

Me to son:  “What would happen if a pack of coyotes got into the house?”  [Note:  It’s important to ask kids questions like this to keep them on their toes.]

Son:  “They’d wreck it looking for our meat stash.”

Me:  “… Our meat stash?”

Son:  “Yeah, the bacon and sausage we keep in the fridge.”

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All in a day at nursery school

From the daily teacher’s email:

[Today] we read a book about how dinosaurs eat and we asked the children what they thought dinosaurs ate.  Here are their words:

[Child #1]:  Meat

[Child #2]:  Garbage and ham.

[Son]:  No, just ham.  There wasn’t any garbage back then.


CVPR 2015

I’m attending the Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR) conference this week.  I’ve read a lot of papers from past proceedings but this is the first time I’ve attended.  (A few interesting talks and posters but so far nothing particularly applicable to work.  Still a few days to go though.)   Anyhow, best quote so far from the meeting:

You might think that you can move in any direction in the tomato space.

Ah, but you can’t!  In all seriousness, the speaker was talking about a mathematical representation of tomatoes from unripe to ripe to sliced or diced.  More generally, his topic was representation of objects undergoing transformations.  It was an interesting talk.