Thought for the Day – December 4, 2020

Cribbed from an astute observer on the internet:

The crux of the problem with MBTA’s proposed service cuts is that they come from an assumption that transit is a commodity that can be cut to match market demand rather than a public good. We don’t treat water, electricity or roads this way. Why transit?

The proposed cuts are unpopular but I don’t have a lot of confidence that will prevent them from happening.  Are the proposed cuts unpopular enough that people will vote their elected representatives out if they don’t act to stop them?  Probably not and, more importantly for the near-term, not enough our legislators are concerned that failing to stand up for public transportation will cost them re-election.

Politics is what it is but cutting public transportation will increase traffic congestion, increase air pollution and be a drag on our economy as we recover from the COVID pandemic. Bad decisions about public transportation now will pay toxic dividends for years to come. Please urge the MBTA, the MA Legislature, and Gov. Baker to strengthen public transportation not weaken it.