TWIG Notes: July 6, 2015

Three Four links this week:

In other news, our butterfly weed and New Jersey tea have been in full bloom for the past couple weeks and are now a bit past peak.  The butterfly weed is a magnet for honeybees and bumble bees.  (Yesterday my son and I sat down in between two big patches of it and just watched the bees for 10 minutes.)  The New Jersey tea is a magnet for other, smaller pollinators, none of which I recognize – small wasps or wasp-like insects maybe 1/4 to 1/2 inch long.  As the butterfly weed and New Jersey tea fade out it looks like the echinacea is about the open up.  Brown-eyed susans, blazing star, Joe Pye weed, and Culver’s Root shouldn’t be far behind.