T.W.I.G. notes – January 4, 2016

Rabbits have been munching on our high bush blueberries.  It’s winter.  I know they’re hungry but I’m not agreeable to letting them have their way with the bushes:

  • Rabbit-B-Gon pellets:  Effective but use is not permitted in all jurisdictions.  Check your local by-laws!
  • Rabbit-B-Gon is not permitted in our neighborhood so we’ve relied on organic rabbit control methods instead.  Unfortunately, while it seems to work well during warmer months it’s not effective during the winter so looks like it’s time for some fencing.

I noted some mail order nurseries in the previous post.   Stark Brothers is probably better known that any of those – good quality stock and reasonably priced.  Stark is big on apples. While I’d love to have a home apple orchard I’ve steered clear because the area is thick with arborvitae.   Arborvitae are a host for cedar apple rust.  I read somewhere that if you have an apple orchard then you want to clear all hosts for cedar apple rust within a one mile radius.  That ain’t gonna happen here.

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