T.W.I.G. notes: January 3, 2016

Mail order plants:

  • Chief River Nursery:  Many varieties of trees and shrubs.  Of particular interest to me are hazelnut, Nanking cherry, gray dogwood, American chestnut, and quaking aspen
  • Willis Orchard Co.:  Of particular interest are Methley plum, paw paw, and American persimmon
  • Oikos Tree Crops:  Of particular interest are running serviceberry, several species of native dogwood shrubs (this and this), American persimmon, paw paw, and multiple varieties of plums including several beach plum cultivars.
  • Fedco Seeds:  In Waterville, ME.  Broad selection of fruit and trees, tubers, vegetable seeds.

The Fruit Nut is a nice resource for uncommon fruit and nuts.

Make your own raspberry trellis