Florida’s boom during Jeb!’s term as governor was the result of a housing bubble:

His foreign policy team has championed a spectacular series of clusterfucks:

On the lighter side, here’s a couple pieces from The Atlantic re education policy and Planned Parenthood:

Oh, but wait, I almost forget about the “people need to work longer hours” bit

and the folly of 4% annual GDP growth:

(4% occasionally?  Sure.  Year over year over year?  Dream on.)

The man has absolutely nothing to recommend him and yet he is considered a respectable candidate.

(Next up: John Kasich.   In recent elections, Democrats and D-sympathizers seem to develop a “What Republican candidate(s) could we work with if he got elected President?”  In 2012 it was Jon Huntsman.  This year it’s Kasich.  Kasich has no better chance of winning the nomination than Huntsman did but that doesn’t seem to put the brakes on “What about Kasich?” posts.  With that in mind, it’s worth asking what useful things did Kasich get done – or help get done – when he was a Congressman?  What, if anything, useful has he accomplished as Governor of Ohio?  Conversely, what has he booted?)